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Improving Services for Children

Course objective and expected outcomes:

This course aims at achieving the following objectives:
- To understand theoretical structures of service delivery and selection
- To explore the status of child and family welfare services in society
- To explore the current trends of child and family welfare including health education and social services
- To explore the structure of policies, programs and practices in the field of children's services
- To understand universal versus targeted approaches to delivery of family-centered services
- To be acquainted with international experiences of service programs for children

Measurable objectives:
- Describe contemporary trends in child services
- Identify major legislation that has shaped child policy
- Discuss the roles, responsibilities and expectations of family and the state in respect of children's upbringing
- Identify and discuss factors related to the causes of child maltreatment and neglect
- Assess risks of child maltreatment and neglect
- Explain conceptual frameworks for services to children and families, including health-centered services, family-centered services, and school-centered services
- Describe and evaluate Jordanian and Egyptian social service systems providing services to children

Subject content:
This course provides an overview of community services offered to children in Jordan, Egypt, and the UK, through scrutinizing and analyzing public and social policies related to child rights and those related to health, educational and social problems that they encounter, and the variation in the services offered by governmental and non-governmental organizations. The course also deals with the experiences of other countries and the services they offer in this field. It also encourages students to think about services in the context of the needs of children and their families embedded in an ecological model of social, political, and cultural context. Students will be expected to critically assess the services offered to children in the countries studied, in light of international efforts and experiences.