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Advocacy for Children’s Rights

Course objective and expected outcomes:

The course objectives are to:
- Understand the concepts of child rights and advocacy.
- Learn different advocacy skills in order to promote the legal rights of children.
- Understand and use different advocacy skills for children through different levels of practice.
- Understand the importance of fundraising and building a coalition around an issue or a program related to children.
- Understand different stages of the needs assessment study.
- Understand and analyze the role of local, regional, and international non-governmental organizations in promoting the rights of Jordanian and Egyptian children.

The expected outcomes are to:
- Gain the ability to use different advocacy skills to promote children's rights, such as bargaining, assertiveness, and counseling.
- Conduct a needs assessment study in the local community to determine and prioritize different problems and difficulties facing children in the community.
- Gain and apply different skills needed to write a fund-raising proposal around an issue related to children's rights.
- Learn to differentiate and use diverse advocacy skills for children through different levels of practice and intervention, including the individual, familial, organizational, and the societal level.
- Understand different techniques used by local NGOs to promote children's rights, as well as understand and evaluate the professional roles of such organizations.

Subject content:
There are many local, regional, and international treaties and legislations protecting children around the world. However, such treaties and legislations are not always implemented due to many obstacles, mainly the lack of professionals who may advocate on behalf of children's rights. Such advocacy is vital for recognizing and ensuring children's rights. Hence, this course is aims at providing students with an understanding of the nature of advocacy in relation to children's rights. Students are expected to gain professional and effective skills in the area of social work and advocacy for children’s rights.