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Children in a Changing Economy

Course objective and expected outcomes:

The primary objectives of this course are to:
-Examine the relation between the current changes in the economy and society and the behavior of children and to assess the extent to which these changes are linked to children's behavior.
-Discuss the role of macroeconomic and social policies to form a “child friendly” perspective against the background of threats as well as the opportunities posed by globalization.
-Determine child-friendly policies to counteract the negative aspects of globalization and to enable countries to reap social and economic benefits deriving from a closer integration in the world market.
- Discuss the ways in which several countries have addressed the problems of families in the global economy both through market and government policies.

The intended outcomes are:
The rise of the global economic factor society is a powerful force and, in partnership with technological change, it is reshaping the nature of community, family, childhood, education and work. These economic and social trends are not beyond the human control and can bring opportunities to enhance human development.
This course will help to find out how young people can develop in highly flexible, changing economic environments and to deal with open and challenging environments that stimulate their ability to be creative and thoughtful.

Subject content:
The beginning of this course introduces students to the current economic order and how the changes in the economy affect children. The course also discusses the challenges associated with this changing economy and introduces both basic skills and new problem solving techniques to deal with these challenges.